Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy That Finds You Buyers [Video]

facebook ad targeting strategy

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Do you have a Facebook page for your business, but you're not exactly sure how to attract buyers? In this episode of #AskYokelLocal, I answer the question, "What's a great Facebook ad targeting strategy that drives buyers?"



Video Summary

It's no secret that Facebook is an extremely effective method of inbound marketing. But, how you utilize Facebook's marketing tools is just as important, which brings us to the topic of Facebook ads

The key to attracting the right buyers is simple: narrow down your targeting so that the people who come to you are the most passionate about your product or service. This technique is known as flex targeting.

We are putting an ad in front of someone on Facebook, thereby interrupting their social experience. It is only when we put something in front of them that makes them swell in emotion, that they will become interested in buying. This is because they’re already interested with that particular topic.

In order for your product to speak directly to an audience that is a big fan of that particular product, you must type in additional words to make the product less generic. These words can be emotionally-driven. 

For instance, let's say you want to launch an eCommerce marketing campaign to to appeal to an audience with an interest in makeup. If you just add the word "makeup", you may get 300 million people as a result. That is a very broad group.

However, you can easily whittle this down to a reasonable size. Facebook pulls up pages that contain related interests. These pages might be, "I Love Makeup," "Makeup Lovers," etc.

Now, you've created a smaller, more enthusiastic audience of about 200,000 people. These are the people from whom you'll grab attention.

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If you find that Facebook ad targeting is not your high point or if you're eager to learn more effective strategies, we'd love to speak to you. You can subscribe to #AskYokelLocal and submit a marketing question that you need a solution to.


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